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In recent years I have become more and more interested in photography, mostly to record my family and other interests. On these photography pages there will be some of my favourite images, as well as general discussion and product reviews, if any manufacturers our there want their equipment reviewed I’d happily oblige. Following my original purchase of a Canon EOS 400D, I was encouraged to attend a training course with a local professional photographer who also teaches. I can happily and wholeheartedly recommend that any new SLR owners attend some sort of training course. If you are lucky enough to live near Maidstone then by all means look up Keith Turnbull and set your camera free. I learned so much that now I can merrily bore others rigid with talk of appertures and shutter speeds. Of course my knowledge is actually still pathetic, but I continue to learn and experiment.

I am now on my second Canon SLR having moved on from the EOS 400D which was a fantastic starting camera. Below is a list of the equipment I use, and I plan to add reviews soon.

What’s in the bag?

Canon EOS 70D – Sigma 18-200 DC OS – Replaced my 18-55 lens with this excellent Sigma “do anything” lens. Canon 50 f1.8 – Cheapest lens you can get and brilliant in low light or for low DOF. Manfrotto Tripod – absolutely essential for studio and still life. Mine is second hand and somewhat agricultural but sturdy as an Ox and excellent.

I now have Canon EFS 55-250, excellent zoom lens – My wonderful Springer Spaniel

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