Living with the Fire Phone

Living With an Amazon FirePhone This is my first real world review which I shall call the “living with” series. The idea is to write reviews that mean something more than a list of specifications for full on geeks, in favour of what it is like to live with a device or change from another… Read More »

My Daily Use Mobile Gadgets

My Daily Use Mobile Gadgets With the nature of technology these days moving so quickly and the devices we wish to carry improving year on year, I thought I’d write about my chosen daily use devices. I don’t want to sound like a sulker but I can only talk about the devices I have had… Read More »

Z800 Early Impressions

Review at 1500 miles. Handling: One of the biggest differences between modern and so called supersports of old seems to be the hard rear suspension setup. The Z800 is so much firmer all around than anything mentioned earlier, with the possible exception of a KR1S, and this translates into a very purposeful feel, and again… Read More »

Back On Bikes

Who hell am I to talk about motorbikes?!?! OK some outline of my credentials first, I have owned several bikes in my years of riding, all sports bikes and all Japanese over a 28 year period, since I was 17. First a TZR125, then KR1S, ZZR600, FZR 600 and FZR1000RU…….then I took a few years… Read More »

Sailfish is Fixed!!

Sailfish is Fixed!! I have been using the Jolla phone since the very start and it has been difficult to get along with it as a daily phone. Each update brought advancements but often included new problems, for instance most recently the wireless had endless problems maintaining a connection or reconnecting. However, ever hopeful I… Read More »