Improve the F1 show.

By | March 28, 2015

OK, we have had plenty of comment about “improving the show” in F1, and I commented about the plans for car changes already, but I’d like to raise another issue.

If you cannot visit the tracks to watch a race yourself, and rely on TV coverage then there are some problems. Yes the pictures are amazing and data available on your TV or timing apps mean you can follow everything, but what you absolutely don’t get is any sense of speed!

F1 is the pinnacle of motorsport but the TV pictures give you no sense of how fast or amazing these machines are. Only at a couple of races during the year do the camera angles get you a sense of speed, the best being at Monaco in the Swimming Pool chicanes where fixed cameras cannot pan with the cars. Another good angle is maggots, beckets at Silverstone, but only with a fixed camera. These pictures give a real sense of speed and energy in the cars. However almost all other races and camera positions, either pan with the car and so negate the speed, or are long shots down a straight and again mean nothing. Please can we find some angles or shots that show off the energy of these vehicles. There is so little wow in the tv pictures.

Of course I realise that a panning camera gives a lovely shot of the title sponsor on the side of the car, but there must be some room in the coverage for some clever camera positions to give us the sensation of speed. Ironically lower tech motorsport coverage can end up giving a better sense of speed, or at least why racing machines are special, just check out the videos of 19bozzy92 on YouTube.

Thank you for reading.