My Daily Use Mobile Gadgets

By | April 4, 2015

My Daily Use Mobile Gadgets

With the nature of technology these days moving so quickly and the devices we wish to carry improving year on year, I thought I’d write about my chosen daily use devices.
I don’t want to sound like a sulker but I can only talk about the devices I have had to buy so I like them to last, and that is what I want to talk about. Also I take very good care of my devices, as I like them to stay as nice as possible.

Mobile Phone.

On a daily basis I use a Nexus 5, which I bought Sim free right at the end of its run from Google just after the Nexus 6 appeared. At that point it represented great value and with my previous phone having been a Nexus 4 it seemed to make sense. It runs stock Android 5.1 and runs it perfectly. The phone is still quick, just about the right size and I don’t really watch movies on it, so screen is just fine. I genuinely feel that the money:spec ratio of this Nexus makes it the best Google have sold up to now.Nexus5
As well as the Nexus I have several handsets that get used now and then, the major one of these being my Jolla phone which is used often but never seems to make it all the way up to favourite. I always enjoy using it but the smallest drawbacks mean it will only last a few weeks before the Nexus comes back out. I have had the use of iPhones, most recently an iPhone 5 and at the same time as my Nexus 5 but I still preferred the Nexus 5 and offspring inherited the iPhone.

Nexus7I own a 2012 Nexus 7 and an Apple Ipad2, both 16GB models and even though the Nexus is newer its memory management issues make it hugely frustrating to use. However the Ipad2, which is running latest version of iOS, still
looks and operates extremely well. Ok so from time to time the iPad is a little slow but still an excellent device, that has latest so well both in software and hardware terms. Apple made a big thing about retina when it appeared and yes when I see it on an iPad it looks great but my old iPad2 works so well that upgrading just seems unnecessary.


I have an LG G Watch which I pre-ordered as soon as they were announced. No it is not very stylish, no it doesn’t have health monitors, but it works so well with my Nexus, battery lasts 2 days and I like it. By the time the Apple GwatchWatch arrives I’ll have been using mine for nearly a year and it has already improved so much over that time. The look on people’s faces when I start playing music, from it, through a Bluetooth speaker is always fun. Ok yes this device is new and I have never had anything to compare it to, but I would hate to be without it now. The biggest advantage as I see it of a smart watch is that at work or home, I can put the phone down and ignore it unless the watch tells me otherwise. The other thing is just how slick “OK Google” is now, and the watch works just as well, even if you do feel a fool talking to your hand.


So there it is, I use a Nexus5, iPad2 and LG G watch. All 3 yesterday’s products but all 3 working perfectly for me iPad2today. I would only swap my Nexus 5 for a Nexus 6, which is too expensive right now. I would only swap my iPad2 for the latest Air, and they are too expensive right now, and for some reason I do not crave any of the current Android tablets. I would only swap my G watch for a G watch R and then only because it’s a bit better looking. To be fair the winner has to be the iPad2 which is certainly the oldest but so well made and still keeping up on software, hats off the Apple that they make such beautiful things and yet people can’t wait to upgrade to a newer one.