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What is wrong with Samsung Phones? An opinion.

What is wrong with Samsung Phones? An opinion.   Essentially there is nothing wrong with a Samsung mobile phone, at least not their high end models. The hardware is top drawer, the android operating system is arguably the best of the bunch and Samsung’s own add on software is fair enough. However this writer’s opinion… Read More »

Have mobile phones gone far enough part 2

Have Mobile Phones Gone Far Enough Part 2   The recent news regarding the new Samsung Galaxy Round and earlier this week news from LG of an impending flexible screen device left me once again looking for criticism. It seems to me that a slightly curved display would not make a mobile phone any more… Read More »

Have Smartphones gone too far or not far enough?

First of all, I am a smartphone addict! Ever since I got my first smartphone, an Orange SPV C600, I have been utterly convinced of their value. On an SPV c600 of candybar format and no touch screen I could read email, browse the web, sync with Exchange, use media player for music and video,… Read More »