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Sailfish is Fixed!!

Sailfish is Fixed!! I have been using the Jolla phone since the very start and it has been difficult to get along with it as a daily phone. Each update brought advancements but often included new problems, for instance most recently the wireless had endless problems maintaining a connection or reconnecting. However, ever hopeful I… Read More »

Jolla Phone Updates Impressions

Jolla Phone Second Impressions: Ok I have been living with my Jolla phone for some time now and thought I should write a little more about the experience. Firstly what an amazing community there is around the Jolla device and Sailfish OS. For such a young product (I conveniently ignore its origins), access to information… Read More »

Jolla Phone First Impressions

Jolla Phone First Few Weeks Build: The Jolla phone is certainly a very good looking device, and seems very well made. The “Other Half” back covers are quite thin plastic and so may suffer if replaced too often, but up until now no problems at all. The extra orange cover I received did as advertised… Read More »

Have Smartphones gone too far or not far enough?

First of all, I am a smartphone addict! Ever since I got my first smartphone, an Orange SPV C600, I have been utterly convinced of their value. On an SPV c600 of candybar format and no touch screen I could read email, browse the web, sync with Exchange, use media player for music and video,… Read More »